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Intersectionality Panel Fall 2020

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

On October 21, W+PS hosted an intersectionality panel, where people of different backgrounds came together to talk about the pertinent social issues seen in academia and STEM in general. Many thought provoking questions were asked throughout the panel. The panel dived into the importance of representation within STEM. As said by Mako Tanaka, the research literature shows the importance of having representation in STEM. People are more likely to join a field if there is someone that shares the same identity. Dr. Siobhan of the Life Science department was also in attendance, providing links to insightful articles and papers in the comment section. The panel ended with breakout rooms. Each panelist was placed into a breakout room and participants were able to choose whom they wanted to ask more questions. In Nicolle Gonzalez’s room, she shared her experience of finding self confidence in STEM, talking about her experiences with math. This intersectionality panel certainly brought new perspectives to many if not all participants and panelists that attended. Stay tuned for our Graduate School panel and Lab tours week 5 and week 7, respectively!

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