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UCLA Organizations - Links and Contacts

UCLA Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI):

EDI Resource pages:

Mental health resources:

UCLA OCD Program: (310) 794-7305

UCLA Anxiety Disorders Program: (310) 794-1038

UCLA Trauma Psychiatry Service: (310) 794-1076

UCLA Child and Adolescent Program: (310) 825-0122

UCLA Anxiety Disorders Clinic:


CAPS workshops and trainings:

CAPS resources for mental health and common concerns:

CAPS list of community resources:


Sexual violence reporting and Title IX resources:

Filing a report:

UCLA Title IX Office and Sexual Harassment Prevention:


Resources for disabled students/students with a disability: 


UCLA Center of Accessible Education:


UCLA Disabled Student Union:


UCLA All Brains: 


Resources for LGBTQ+ students: 


UCLA LGBTQ Campus Resource Center:


UCLA Queer and Trans in STEM (QTSTEM): 

Resources for BIPOC students:


UCLA Black Bruin Resource Center: 


National Society of Black Physicists: (non-UCLA-affiliated resource)


BlackInChem: (non-UCLA-affiliated resource)




Resources for first-gen students:


UCLA First to Go: 


UCLA Academic Advancement Program: 


Resources for undocumented students:


UCLA Undocumented Student Program: 

W+PS Advice

If you have any questions about our work at W+PS, about receiving support and utilizing resources, or about any personal issues/concerns as a woman or gender minority in the Physical Sciences at UCLA, please contact Manasa. Manasa is a senior in Astrophysics and has been deeply involved with W+PS for the past three years, including as an acting board member this year.


If you have any questions regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within the UCLA Physics and Astronomy Department or about any concerns as a marginalized student regarding inclusion and accessibility in Physics and Astronomy, please contact Jane. Jane is a 3rd year in Astrophysics, has been a board member of W+PS the past two years, and is an undergrad representative on the UCLA Physics and Astronomy DEI committee this year.


We’re always available to chat, and we look forward to hearing from you! We’re here to help.


To reach out to us to discuss any concern, you can contact us via email. If you would prefer to talk in person over zoom, a meeting can also be scheduled by including a request in your email:

  1. Email (1-1): Please email us at uclawpsadvice [at] gmail [dot] com, and include in the subject line [Manasa] or [Jane], depending on who you would like to read your email.

  2. Zoom meeting (1-1): Please email us at uclawpsadvice [at] gmail [dot] com, and include in the subject line [Manasa] or [Jane], depending on who you would like to schedule a one-on-one with. In your email, please provide your availability.


Email communication and zoom scheduling can similarly be initiated by using the form below.


If you would like to provide anonymous feedback on current or past events, or on how W+PS could best support you as a minority in STEM, please use this form:

Advice Form:

Thanks for submitting!
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