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Industry Event - Data Analytics

On Wednesday, February 5th, Shibani Rai from She Loves Data international workshops came over to talk about what data analytic career paths are available to UCLA students like ourselves. She explained briefly:

1) her relatable background,

2) the broad industry of data analytics and how to get there

3) and her useful development of people skills (seems difficult but read more!)


Despite Shibani’s international background (from India to Australia and now the US), she explained herself in the position of entering into grad school with no set career choice, until a great class and professor introduced her to data analytics. From there, she mentioned her interest in data analytics and got referred to more connections and jobs until she found a good career and the She Loves Data workshops. She had to mention that yes, she does have fun and has a social life.

To get into data analytics, Shibani mentioned that a degree isn't necessary. Basically, you can learn along the way, especially using resources like google and youtube. Her path into data analytics was being referred from connections, but from any field/major it is possible to be referred into data analytics (including physics). A linkedIn profile would help for sure, but you should have a headshot (LinkedIn says professional headshots increases chances of obtaining messages by 3600%).

Shibani also mentioned the importance of building connections, a skill that can expand beyond data analytics into any career. She said it worked for her by seeming friendly and approachable. But, the biggest obstacle towards it would be fear of rejection. In her background, she said that she had the attitude of not needing anyone else besides a small group of friends, but when she moved countries, she learned to be adaptable. She recommended watching 100 days of rejection from TED talks.


Interested in Data Analytics? Check out Free Tech, Data Analytics & Science workshops from She Loves Data:


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