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Undergraduate Research Panel

On Wednesday, January 22nd of 2020, WPS held an undergraduate research panel of women across many STEM majors including geophysics, astrophysics, physics, mathematics, statistics, chemistry, and aerospace engineering! I was super grateful to be an audience to this panel because it was very inspiring, and gave me a clear idea of what research can look like, what it can be structured, and what different goals it can aim towards. Our amazing peers also had different stories of how they got into a lab, which is great for people looking to get into research. Some of these ladies mentioned expressing their research interests to professors and following referrals, or being known by professors by attending office hours and then emailing for letter of recommendations. They also recommended getting into URFP (Undergraduate Research Fellows Program) for more resources. Some also had experience in industry research, where they were able to distinction between academic research, which tends to be different hours on weekdays, and industry research, which is a 9-5 hour workday and aims toward research that is applicable to the interest of the funders. Overall, these ladies emphasized being persistent, going to office hours, emailing many people, and letting people know that you are interested in research, so that professors or even TAs who may be graduate students can refer you or be a resource! We are super grateful for Leah, Daji, Saita, Julia, China, Maria, and Sydney for being our undergraduate research panelists!!


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